Maintenance – The Thankless Process

In towns and cities, there is a constant need of maintenance of infrastructure as well as policy. Things wear down, break down and change as the world around changes. To picture a place that has gone unmaintained is typically picturing it in such disrepair that we’ve already concluded that it isn’t worth fixing. What does […]

The Philosopher’s Tree

Nature possesses extraordinary talents of creation and adaptation, so extraordinary are these talents that none can be found to rival them in the known Universe. How small we are to think a tree is just a tree. A tree has ideas, ideas on how it should grow, much in the same way a philosopher does […]

A Frog In A Pot

Be a frog in a pond, not one in a pot. The frog in a pot of cold water is a classic analogy of what can happen when an unnatural environment is changed incrementally at such a slow pace as to not be noticed until it becomes fatal. In the analogy, the water (and the […]

Going Where YOU Are

Go where what you wish to do is already taking place – and do it in harmony with your Self’s nature. When we feel stagnant in our life, we become stagnant. The things we wish to accomplish pile up continuously as we lose our will do them. What can be done to fix this and […]

The Self-assured Self

Youtube has a user base of nearly 3 billon people which easily makes it one of the largest platforms in the world. Out of these 3 billion, a large volume of them seem to be trying to find solutions to deal with issues of both mental and emotional health. In this context, Youtube searches tell […]

The Illusions of Separation

To gaze out from our eyes into a beautiful and complex world is to gaze upon the same thing in all directions – atoms taking on different shapes. Separations of matter arranged such as a be a tree or a high-rise share more in common than they appear. Each is made of just a small […]

Humanity and Fantasy

There is a version of reality that is perfect for us. It fulfills all our deepest longings and warms our hearts with the promises of peace and tranquillity. This version is called Fantasy. It exists as a form of thought and nestles itself into the deepest parts of our minds. So deep that it is […]

Learn to See

See beyond the obvious. As we interact with both animate and the inanimate of our world, the filter of our range of perceptions plays a key role in what is known to us, the observer. Meaning that what is observed is limited by what we know, or what we think we know. ‘Know’ is based […]

Remember, You Are Mortal

‘Memento Mori – Remember, you are mortal.’ There is but a single absolute in the constant of our life’s experiences that is universally shared between all – that one day, we will all die. There is a fundamental flaw that exists within the human-being – the fantasy that when we think of death that it […]

You Are Not The World

Much in the world has changed in the last few years. A pandemic, new wars, mass famines, a financial crisis, and an increase of corruption of business and politics – all threaten the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions across the globe (perhaps even you). In the areas of finance, spirituality and self-determination many […]


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