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  • Lean Into The Deep Pain – A Single Wisdom For 2023

    If there was a single piece of wisdom one could pass along to a new generation before they die, it would be to have had the fortitude to cultivate a life absent of the expectations of others. Our lives are each complex with equal amounts of pleasures and pain – if we are lucky to […] Read more

  • Anger Is Energy, So Power Your Growth With It

    If we had the choice, most of us would rather not deal with anger – especially when it involves feeling it towards some sort of internal limit or barrier we feel inside ourselves. ‘I’m angry because I can’t manage or accept X, Y, or Z and I’m angry for being angry about that.’ The variations […] Read more

  • The Fair and Fault of Frugality

    What often comes to mind when we think of frugality is the act of conserving limited resources. Fair use is planning from experience and foresight in proportion to the common problem in a 1/1 ratio, or acquiring something of value for far less than its worth. Here it makes sense to be frugal. Running out […] Read more

  • When There’s Nothing To Show

    The slump hits hard. We all know what the slump is for us. It’s that nagging feeling of knowing we haven’t done something or accomplished something worthwhile. That we haven’t done that vital thing we should have, that we haven’t worked on our life’s task. Whether it’s our art, domestic responsibilities, or a dream we […] Read more

  • A Ladder To Nowhere

    Goal, position, tool(s), process. This is the order for success in nearly every pursuit be it personal, professional or spiritual. But this order is harder to get right than one might expect. I often find myself beginning with position, then goal, then tool, which may seem like a good standard initially because the position is […] Read more

  • Early Birds Are Wise Birds

    ‘The early bird gets the worm.’ Such an under-appreciated metaphor in our modern times. Today we are more motivated by what we think we deserve than by what we are willing to sacrifice to earn our self-respect and affirmation. If we want more in our lives, we must get up early and attend to it. […] Read more