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  • The Layman’s Zen

    The purpose of Zen isn’t to learn all there is to know about Zen. Its purpose, is to let go of all we know of it, and everything else too. Living a life of programmed demands as we do, we seek to blunt our anxieties with the instant pleasures of a world ripe with such… Read more

  • Philosophical Maxims – A Caution Of Wisdom

    When it comes to maxims on how to live, solve problems, or lean into the unpleasant duties of life, it is important to understand that we do not live in a world of absolutes (aside from the fundamental laws of physics). When we seek advice in the form of a maxim, we often make the… Read more

  • Why Are Men So Angry ?— A Letter To Women Looking For An Answer

    I’m a man. I represent approximately 50% of the global population but am held accountable for 90% of its dysfunction. There is some fair reasoning to support this as men are more likely to be violent, warlike, abusive, sexually promiscuous, and predatory than women. This is a fact that will not be refuted in this… Read more

  • Laid Off, Now What?

    Disclaimer: If your work life is going great and you’re secure with yourself, then you can skip this article and use the time you would have spent reading and having fun instead. Have a fancy tea or coffee with all the custom add-ons. You’ve earned it friend! If you’re worried about your job and lifestyle,… Read more

  • Black Hole Soul

    Have you ever felt exhausted by the efforts of a simple smile? The experience we call life is a dynamic one filled with all manner of joys and disappointments with such range that it is impossible to experience all that can be in a single lifetime. Still, we try our best to fulfill our limited… Read more

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    Aren’t they always nagging at us? ‘What to do, oh what to do?’ – the mantra of lives. The tricky part of life is we never have a way to predict what will happen to us on any given day, starting from the moment we first wake up regardless of decisions. We can have some… Read more