Lean Into The Deep Pain – A Single Wisdom For 2023

If there was a single piece of wisdom one could pass along to a new generation before they die, it would be to have had the fortitude to cultivate a life absent of the expectations of others.

Our lives are each complex with equal amounts of pleasures and pain – if we are lucky to attain such a balance.

In our modern world we are taught that pain should be avoided. We medicate, inebriate, disassociate, act, distract, over-consume, numb and chase the admiration of people not likely to hold our hand as we die.

But pain is a vital teacher we all stand to learn from. It is the start of our journey, not the inhibitor of it.

If we are in pain, something within us is screaming to he heard, nurtured, and aided to find rest.

Do not run from pain. To run from it is to run from our true self – the self we are meant to be that is fighting to break the chains of repression.

Grow through pain. Once is has had its violence and the bonds break, our true force is unleashed – ready to face a world trying to keep us producing and silent.

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