When There’s Nothing To Show

The slump hits hard. We all know what the slump is for us. It’s that nagging feeling of knowing we haven’t done something or accomplished something worthwhile. That we haven’t done that vital thing we should have, that we haven’t worked on our life’s task.

Whether it’s our art, domestic responsibilities, or a dream we know we must work on, we feel that sensation of slowly wasting away in distraction after distraction, making zero progress.

We stare up at the lights, and do nothing but watch them blur.

The only comfort in times like these is the reassurance that there’s always time for it later – but that’s a lie meant to cushion us from the punch in the mouth thrown by our responsibility to ourselves as it lashes out at us.

How comfortable does that sound?

There’s no wisdom or happy ending here. Just a soar mouth, a blank stare, a staggered body absent of reason or ability to do nothing more than buckle.

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