Of Sheep And Wolves

The sheep see themselves as peaceful grazers who simply eat all day without worry for anything but each other. They eat and mate and make more sheep who eat more grass. A harmless cycle.

The sheep see the wolves as blood-thirsty predators who cull their weaker loved ones and devour them. They watch and wait over the hill, waiting for the weak to show themselves – marking them for death.

The wolves see themselves as the guardians of the land. When too much gas is eaten, the grasslands die. When a sheep is sick, it weakens the others and puts the rest at risk. And when a wolf dies, they return to the grass.

The wolves see the sheep as grass farmers, food, and a valued resource for themselves and the land. They risk death or injury and kill because they need to keep the balance – and nature rewards them with meat.

This is the order of things. Wolves do well with other wolves. Sheep do well with other sheep. They walk the same path in parallel – they both are tending to the grass.

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