Going Where YOU Are

Go where what you wish to do is already taking place – and do it in harmony with your Self’s nature.

When we feel stagnant in our life, we become stagnant. The things we wish to accomplish pile up continuously as we lose we will do them.

What can be done to fix this and get us back to our life’s purpose(s)?

We need first to manage the most essential – showing up to where the action is.

Take life goals and creative pursuits as examples of this.

The best way to be motivated to the task is to surround ourselves with people who are also doing it that have chosen to place themselves in a local designed for it.

Doing so draws in the energy of the room which in turn brings us into unity with our task.

This skill is not new nor is it original. Clubs devoted to arts and specialized education per industry exist all over the world. This way of facilitating productivity is so familiar to us that we do this every day in our jobs without even thinking.

Our environment as well as our peers are conducive to facilitating the necessities to be productive on the job.

We readily accept this for our work but rarely do we do so for our own endeavours as we have come to fear having an individual identity.

This must change if we are to feel as though we belong in the life we have been given.

We are more than economic participants – we are our Selves too.

Find and spend productive time with others who share this idea so that you may help each other grow beyond your imposed economic responsibilities.

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