The Self-assured Self

From Youtube’s search bar

Youtube has a user base of nearly 3 billion people which easily makes it one of the largest platforms in the world.

Out of these 3 billion, a large volume of them seems to be trying to find solutions to deal with issues of both mental and emotional health.

In this context, Youtube searches tell us many people are struggling to deal with their problems. It tells us this by using a ranking algorithm that’s based on a ranked list of previous searches within the local demographic.

Depending on where you are geographically, you can readily seek out what is troubling you through the previous searches of other Selves out there.

Across these categories, causes of troubles will vary but often will share the same theme.

Now, I’d like to propose a radical idea about these categories – that each is related to a lack of Self-assurance.

Allow me to first open with some empowering statements of Self-assurance to illustrate what it could look like.

  • “I am capable of overcoming this.”
  • “I can grow from this experience.”
  • “I am worth my own sovereignty.”
  • “I can heal.”

Each of these is a Self-assurance statement addressing one or more of the listed ailments. But knowing them simply isn’t enough.

We must believe we can live them, as we must also believe that we are not alone in these. It is often necessary to seek out the counsel of others.

Much of our suffering is rooted in thinking we are alone in facing our demons which in turn sinks us deeper into a state of shame.

Yet as demonstrated in the image, the belief of being alone simply isn’t true.

When feeling ashamed of your shortcomings or doubting your Self-worth, you may take heart in remembering that these negative situations as well as perceptions are both normal and essential to what it means to be a Self.

They are indicators of the changes that must be made to prosper in our own unique ways – ones that have us learn from our experiences rather than run from them.

Once this is internalized, Self-assuredness will slowly begin to emerge.

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