Humanity and Fantasy

There is a version of reality that is perfect for us. It fulfills all our deepest longings and warms our hearts with the promises of peace and tranquillity.

This version is called Fantasy.

It exists as a form of thought and nestles itself into the deepest parts of our minds. So deep that it is apt to become the core.

But be warned. If this is allowed to occur, we are doomed to lose touch with Humanity – both our internal, as well as external relationships, to all else that falls under the human experience.

We get to this place by over-idealizing things as we wish them to be, altogether ignoring them as they truly are.

To live in such a state is to doom ourselves. We lose sight of the fact that the people we may include in such Fantasies are in fact themselves Humans – entities as dynamic, complex and wounded as ourselves.

When faced with a difficult situation that shakes our foundation of self, remember that the foundation is based on the truth – have we been living in the realm of Fantasy, or in the realm of humanity?

The answer is often difficult to face, but it will always be the truth in the end.

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