Remember, You Are Mortal

‘Memento Mori – Remember, you are mortal.’

There is but a single absolute in the constant of our life’s experiences that is universally shared between all – that one day, we will all die.

There is a fundamental flaw that exists within the human being – the fantasy that when we think of death that it is others who die.

We have little time. Yet we block this out because it is too unbearable to conceive that we ourselves are but a flash of light in the dark and infinite void of time and space.

We must each remember to protect what matters in this life. We must work vigilantly to overcome what must be overcome, value what must be valued, and question what must be questioned.

Challenges will be faced by all, and sometimes we will fail. But always the practice of remembering the limitations of existing in this form must remain.

Without this, there can be no meaning beyond the material.

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