Learn to See

See beyond the obvious.

As we interact with both animate and the inanimate of our world, the filter of our range of perceptions plays a key role in what is known to us, the observer.

Meaning that what is observed is limited by what we know, or what we think we know. ‘Know’ is based on a personal range of experience more so than evidence, as evidence is limited to perception.

Take this bird’s nest for instance.

What it is is quite clear, but upon closer inspection, there is more to be decoded than the obvious.

We can see what it is, but to see how it has been to dive deeper into our ability to observe as well as contextualize.

When we learn this skill of increased perception we can see for example that this nest is made of not one, but two layers of grass which can be distinguished by colour variations of darker and lighter grasses.

This seemingly minor detail tells us more than we realize.

This is a nest, that’s obvious, but the layered grass tells us it has also served as a home to more than one set of offspring from the same set of parental birds.

To know to spot this needs a base knowledge of organic decomposition, as well as bird mating cycles.

These details are not obvious and we have to know them before we observe or all we’ll see is the nest, not its story.

Learn to see beyond the obvious and watch as life’s wonders unfold around you.

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