The Metropolis of You

Vancouver, Canada

Thoughts are the foundation of actions, and actions are the foundation for everything else.

We need no greater a shining example of throughs manifesting as that of a bustling metropolis. Like any other construct of school of thought or physical manifestations of desires, a city is a creation that came to be by taking action on thoughts – millions of them.

Within a city there are nearly limitless manifestations of different kinds of though – each with their own contributions to the whole.

The variety of restaurants, local businesses, unique flavours of architecture, the arts and melding of cultures has created a unity for all to intermix. This allows for greater diversity of thoughts and actions as each execution of an act builds upon the influences of those who came before.

The city you are looking at is Vancouver – one of the youngest cities in the world. Yet, because ideas and actions compound over time, it rapidly became a place of cultural diversity, architectural marvels, and opportunity. It has so much to experience that it would be hard to see everything in a single lifetime.

The compounding effect of thought and action is not unique to cities, it applies to all of life’s endeavours including self-cultivation.

The Metropolis of You – is what can happen when planning meets inspiration meets action. If consistent and flexible, one can achieve more than one realizes. Each new idea and new skill learned builds on the last in a unique way – giving each of us our own distinct features.

As these compound, they grow in number, become more diverse, yet remain an integral part of the same system – creating harmony and interdependence as we evolve.

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