Suffering and Morality

Suffering brings us closer to meaning.

While true that none wish to experience suffering – so true is it that none can grow without it.

Suffering cannot be avoided. It is present in our lives as readily as any other state of being.

We each understand that suffering can be experienced from many sources, yet not all possess the ability to see it for what it truly is – temperance.

Emotions are like iron.

In their natural state, they are raw, filled with impurities, and lacking any useful structure.

But with vision, technique, time, and skill, these become so useful as to become the foundations of all that we are and all that we have.

Remember however that mastery of iron and emotion do little in the cultivation of morality.

Each remains a tool. Iron can forge a weapon as readily as it can a material to build a home. Emotions share this power.

Morality is the wielder of the two forces – one must ensure to master it, or the tools themselves will wield the wielder.

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