The Life-Blood of Humanity

We always have something to give.

Tomorrow will mark my 4th blood donation this year.

As difficult as this is to admit, COVID times have stripped me of the entirety of my material worth. As difficult as this has been to endure, having just recovered from my last financial catastrophe of losing both my home and my tech business, I have learned much of what it means to lose, but also what it means to give.

In a world dominated by material worth as well as perceptions of what it means to add value to people, it’s easy to get lost in believing that our pocketbooks are all that we are worth to others.

But how true is that?

Life itself is precious- while finance is but an arbitrary construct of an imaginary system designed to facilitate class warfare among brother and sisterhoods of humanity.

Remember this well – your value as a being is not your pocketbook, rather, it is you. We each have the inborn potential to be worth more to our brethren than this imagined system.

There can be no doubt this system has served us well – to a point. But any extreme carried to far in its absolution becomes a force of separation, seduction and destruction to the fundamental principles of what it truly means to be human.

We are all one, no matter what our society has come to have us believe.

In this, we each have a responsibility to ensure we carry forth compassion for our fellowship- regardless of race, gender, creed, belief, or status.

To ignore this fundamental truth is to ignore our humanity. In Canada, there is no financial compensation for donating blood. There is little if any recognition.

There is no celebration or awareness in the media for such things. Nor are they required.

As human beings, it is our obligation to give what we have to those who suffer. Our life force was not born of a singularity but of unity.

To remember this fundamental truth is to remember the source of all that we are – a product of co-creation and nurturing that traces its roots to the very origins of life itself.

Do not hold such a gift in selfish ideals of entitlement. Life cannot thrive in such a mentality.

Life can only thrive in unity, love and compassion.

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