Healthy Addiction

Addictions can be healthy.

The word ‘addiction’ has a negative association with outcomes that range from detrimental to sometimes lethal. The reason for this is it has become associated with abuse and avoidance behaviour by default – making it nearly impossible to frame it any other way.

But what else can be defined as addiction?

The reader who can’t help but love reading.

The artist who loves to create daily.

The bodybuilder who can’t help but love bodybuilding.

The hobbyist who can’t help but love to craft.

Each of these shares a biochemical signature with addiction because the same reward systems have been triggered in our brains via our neurotransmitter system.

This means that addiction itself isn’t the problem, the problem is outcome selection and short-cutting reward mechanisms.

From the perspective of drug addiction, the outcome is simply to achieve the high or the escape by bypassing productive intent.

But a productive addiction like the above mentioned, process and outcome are preserved. That makes the addiction one of productivity in achieving goals that require high repetition over a very long period of time.

Addictive behaviours, if properly managed, are what create miracles that help people capture their ideal dreams.

Now go out, and make yourself into a successful addict.

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