Happiness Lies Within the Soul

Happiness is not our destination, it is our journey.

As we walk our path in life, affixed to the notion of finding true happiness, we encounter forks on the road to it.

Sometimes they seem to lead us closer to what we want, and sometimes farther away. In either case, uncertainty is always present as the future cannot be known.

This uncertainty stirs an unease within us as we try to choose which of the unfolding paths before us we are to follow.

In face of this we become defensive, guarded, angry, confused, and restless – trying to decide what best to do to reach our destined version of ‘happy’.

We make new strategies, and change ourselves, our paths and ideals almost as readily as we change our clothes – all while losing sight of what is around us as well as inside us.

In all this confusion and fear there is but one constant – us. The being is the navigator.

So certain are we that happiness lies in a goal or a destination that we commit the sin of ignoring our soul.

We can travel a path, as we must to progress in life, but we must not tie this road to our happiness. This feeling that we all seek is present inside of us whenever we choose to allow for it.

Happiness is taking a moment to stop and admire a flower.

Happiness is sharing a laugh with a close friend.

Happiness is closing your eyes as you take the first bite of a good meal.

Happiness is turning on the tap in your home and seeing life-giving water flow to you on demand.

Happiness is looking into the eyes of another human being and recognizing the vast universe contained within another soul.

Do not forget these things on your path to your goals.

Happiness is not found in your destination. It is found within, and all around – always.

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