Marching Into the Unknown

When we decide to walk somewhere nearby we have a preferred path or small subset of paths we tend to use to get there.

As we continue to walk along these paths, we start to develop a pattern – one that presents itself as offering certainty of outcome.

For most objective actions, this has a time-tested validity to it that makes it fairly reliable.

But on the scale of life, this same method isn’t so effective. The destination may remain the same, but the paths will shift constantly over long distances. Or the destination might change but the paths don’t. Or any other variance could also happen.

If we pick a destination in life we make the mistake of becoming tied to the ideas of the path to it – like a statue permanently affixed to a single point.

We are rigid, unable to recognize the other possibilities.

Life however is not so rigid. It’s dynamic, swift to change as well as inherently uncertain.

What do we do with this terrible uncertainty as the urban maze to our goals stares back at us?

We must step into the maze with our full selves as a unified being certain of itself. To live fully is to live, love, and laugh as much as possible despite the endless and dreadful unknowns, fears, dead ends, or pitfalls we are all certain to endure.

Only then will our hearts and minds awaken within our otherwise hollow bodies – allowing us to do far more than simply exist in the world as a fixture of society.

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