The Need for an Enemy

‘When water is flowing uphill, it means that someone is repaying a kindness.’ – African Folk Tale

For every noble story of heroes, there is a villain construct as its central theme- either a physical adversary or some archetype of internal workings manifesting as a villain.

Villains torment heroes in their most vulnerable parts – which is what makes them so insidious, but also so beneficial. They prey on fear, weakness, or any flaw that they can spot to exploit.

An enemy exposes our weaknesses without restraint or fear of harming us.

As much as this can seem brutal, it is a fundamental element of nature and is required for our evolution.

As we push through life we will encounter foes, each one earning their place as tormentors – as they should. They have seen a weakness in us and are uncompromising in their willingness to exploit it. But such an attack is potentially deadly to us, so how do we respond to it?

In facing such calamity, we are left with either to submit and concede, or overcome what they are attacking rather than the enemy themselves.


Because an enemy is nothing more than a reflection of something within us that must be challenged.

Every David must have his Goliath or greatness will never become of him.

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