Art – A Path to Transpersonal Language

At the intersections of meaning, language, imagination, and effort, we find art.

Art is transpersonal – meaning it is created to extend beyond the persons, speaking its own unique intricacies in each individual who creates it or interacts with it.

Must possess the capacity for art, yet many find it hard to create.

Why so?

Apart from the rare instances of neurological limitations, a reason could be that we do not know ourselves well enough to understand what to express, let alone how to express it.

Yet we can express the understanding that art is a path to infinite forms of communication and (self-)discovery, even if we don’t know what that may be.

Maybe, just as in life, we don’t need to know what something is.

We just need to be willing to look at something or create something – allowing it to develop its own language as we discover ourselves through it.

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