A Trauma Hypothesis- The Role of Cellular Memory?

There is evidence to tell us that trauma is stored in the body. A book by the name of, The Body Keeps Score, by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD, is a good place to become familiar with this.

When something shakes us to the core, our mind encodes the experience into the cells and turns the default-mode network into overdrive, making a person hyper-reactive to similar stimuli from alike sources in the future.

In many cases, this persists for life.

Memory is stored in brain cells, making all memories cellular, therefore biological in nature.

But memory is also genetic, that’s what creates stable patterns in nature.

Now let’s take a wide turn and introduce a psychedelic experience.

In some cases individuals report experiencing memories they don’t recall, and sometimes these memories can be one’s own, while others feel disconnected and distant.

A possible hypothesis for this that will likely never be proven due to the complexity and uncertainty of the experiences themselves could be that we are experiencing a memory of one of our ancestors of direct lineage.

This could account for unexplained phobias like fears of snakes and spiders without any real basis, and memories of drowning we haven’t actually experienced.

This can’t be proven, but it can be discussed.

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