Perspective – The Psychology of Change

Existing is by its very nature a linear and dynamic evolution of processes both in and outside of our influence.

Think of existence as walking on a dimly lit one-way street in the middle of the night.

We can’t see everything, and we can’t turn back, but we can use the lights to guide us.

But lights themselves raise awareness of the uncertainty of what they reveal and what they don’t.

Safety is only marginally increased this way.

We know change is ahead but we know little about it. It’s too dark and too far away to see. The lights only show us a rough path – the next available choice if you will.

So how does one press forward in this uncertainty?

By changing perspective. We need to become dynamic thinkers and look at the street from every available angle.

Turn your head, cross the street, squint your eyes, touch the stones, smell the air, touch the lights – whatever it takes to help make the path clear by adding layer upon layer of perspective.

The more we stretch what we think we know about present circumstances, the better our odds of finding our way back home.

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