Deeper, Wider, Further

When faced with a problem, especially a recurring one, we must dig deeper, expand our view wider, and go further into the past and future to solve it.

Digging deeper means seeking out the flaw within ourselves or others involved.

A wider view gives us an enhanced perspective with which we can view the situation for what it really is.

Going further is to inspect closely the events of the past that lead to this moment of dismay, and predict the future outcome should we fail to take action to change the outcome to one that is more desirable.

These three essential process steps have immense value, for living them can alter the flow of our entire life in a direction favourable to who we wish to be, and how we wish to live.

Dig deeper, expand your view wider, and gaze in all directions further – this is the process of reflection that enables a marked path to a better life.

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