Mountains of Madness

“Give yourself permission to be bad at something today, so you can be great at it tomorrow.” – Dan Millman

Our internal workings of mind and spirit are just as complex as the varying terrains of a mountain range.

There is a hidden oasis and deadly pitfalls that can either bless or destroy us.

This is a fitting metaphor for uncertainty in life’s process because it brings into awareness the two extremes of what reality manifested from within can be.

This is home. We can live nowhere else. So, how do we master this environment?

By being bad at exploring it, but by doing so cautiously, we grow to master it as our mistakes and victories pile up.

Although staring into our own thoughts of grandeur can sometimes be enchanting, not being actionable certainly isn’t.

When fear of being bad or falling takes hold we forget we began first by seeking the oasis and only tend to focus on the cliffs.

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