The Gift of the Unstable Imagination

Thousands of thoughts that seem to come from nowhere flash into our minds every day.

It’s almost as if multiple worlds exist inside of us at any given moment, worlds we can observe and interact with internally, but don’t exist anywhere else that our physical self can readily perceive.

This is the division of physics and metaphysics.

Although this limit in boundaries may seem impassable, let me assure you that it isn’t.

Take the visual arts for example.

I am not a gifted visual artist. I don’t think I ever scored above a ‘C’ in high-school art class. I don’t have a steady hand, knowledge, or even an inborn passion for drawing.

But from time to time something in my imagination grips me and simply won’t let go until I’ve struggled with a clumsy hand and limited knowledge to make what I’m seeing in my mind a physical reality.

In this case, a visual representation of my emotional state through the thick of the pandemic restrictions had to be expressed and made real.

It may not be exact or perfect or gallery-worthy, but the image in my mind became real and now exists in a sketchbook with time and effort.

What’s so striking about this isn’t based on the drawing, but on how it came about.

It followed a formula of imagination, desire, action, persistence, and finally a result.

These are the fundamental life skills required to be able to have a measure of control over our destiny.

When you feel a pull toward something, you know it. Especially if the same thoughts cross your mind at some point every day.

Pay attention to what these are.

Are they good, or bad?

Are you drawn to this idea/vision of life?

Are there emotions linked to it/them?

If the answer to any of these was, ‘yes’, then perhaps you should explore it further and see if a certain thought is worthy of being developed into your future reality.

Everything we are and will ever be will always begin in our imagination. It’s up to us to filter the good from the bad and use our wisdom to build the future we desire. One clumsy motion at a time.

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