Insecurity is Power

Insecurities are our greatest strengths, not our weaknesses.

If you’re insecure, then celebrate that. You’re aware of something within you that you know you need to fix.

The problem with insecurity is never insecurity itself. It’s the lack of bravery to enact solutions to solve it, and the lack of self-worth to overcome it.

Here are useful tips to cultivate the strength found in insecurity.

1 – Move towards it, not away. Running from something you feel inadequate about makes it even stronger. It knows you’re scared, and it feeds on that. Before anything else, remember that resolving all fear first begins with understanding that it is a mentor, not a demon.

2 – Cultivate your fortitude. The most common insecurities people face are universal – the fear of not being smart enough and not being strong enough in the three realms of spirituality, physicality, and psychology.

These can all be fixed with time and dedicated practice. Fortify these through daily dedicated practice and study the greats who have come before. They spent their lives cultivating and creating tools so that we can pick them up and start using them. So do it. There is no excuse for avoiding this. Only lost time, and lost life.

3 – Move towards the pain. Most people will start this process and fizzle out because they suddenly realize that having insecurity (or many) means something about their mentality and lives needs to change.

People love the idea of changing their lives until they realize they have to change their lives.

That takes work and the shattering of illusions that we create to justify our current states of fear and a lack of worthiness. There is no greater deadly poison for the human soul than complacency in needless suffering through a lack of self-discipline and meaningful action.

That’s it. That’s the truth of insecurity. We all fight it, but we don’t have to. Insecurity can be our greatest internal advisor but only if we heed the voice as a catalyst for change, then cultivate the strength to make that change a part of who we are to become.

Nothing should ever stand in the way of this. Not fear, and not the outside world that could never understand.

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