We are ‘Human-Beings’, not ‘Human-Speakings’

I’ve certainly had issues with being my best self many a time in my life, and those issues persist in many areas to this day.

But rare is the individual who can say they do not also suffer this affliction.

We are ‘human beings’, not ‘human speakings’.

Our state of being matters more than our word because it communicates more effectively than speech.

Our behaviour reveals more about us than anything else, and if we are aware of something we do that we feel is not in line with our values, then it is not that thing that we must question, but rather, we must question ourselves.

For me, I break my word most often if I feel I’m not worth the thing I’m seeking to pursue – not because I don’t value what I seek, but more so because part of me feels like I don’t deserve it.

That’s a problem. And many of us suffer from it. The situations across individuals may differ, but the theme is constant and ever-problematic.

How do we fix that?

Self-care, and self-discovery. We need to know who we are above all else. We can’t do that by trusting our own moment-to-moment verbal assessments of ourselves. We can only do that by tracking our actions over time. That will reveal our identity to ourselves because a clear record of outcomes exists over a period of time – a linear progression that led us to today. The good, the bad, and the ugly can all be found in that record.

Once we see those things, it becomes much easier to figure out what actions have led to what outcomes in our lives.

From there, we can take conscious control of our state of being, and reclaim our ideal version of the self we’re longing to be. This will allow us to carry forward, with each new day building on the one that proceeded with it.

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