The Path is No Path

It’s ok to feel lost.

There is much in life that is demanded of us. But most of us demand a well-defined path in life. We want a reason to live well. Many, particularly those who are young, feel as tho if they lose a current path, they lose themselves and their value to the world.

But this is not true. There is only pain and suffering in this. It means to lose one’s path in life to realize that it is no loss at all. It is an opportunity to rediscover ourselves.

Think of it as being in the forest. There is beauty everywhere – flowers, trees, animals, shrubs, creeks, moss, rocks – but no clear path to follow. It is simply nature unfolding around us. Without a path, one can feel lost and scared, and maybe even angry, or numb, but if we allow these emotions, or a lack of emotion, to take hold of us we miss the truth.

Beauty is where it is we stand.

If we can see all of these things in the forest without a pressing need to chase something else, then we can experience the joy of discovery, both of nature and of ourselves.

Now in this forest, find the most beautiful thing in front of you and interact with it. Hold your gaze to a flower. Feed a small animal something nutritious to help it live well. Sit on a rock and love the rest you give yourself to simply be in this place full of beauty and life.

Do this without expectation or intention and your soul will thank you for it.

There is never more to be gained from suffering needlessly in things that do not serve us, or the beauty of the world around us.

This is the finding of our path. We find it by simply moving towards what is beautiful and allowing ourselves to feel joy. The rest will naturally unfold, and a new path is found very soon.

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