The 5 Rules of Living with Confidence, Explained

The Magic of Thinking Big

Confidence is the foundation of a successful, happy life. This is an indisputable fact.

But what does it mean to be confident?

Being a front seater is to put yourself in a position to be seen by people who may at first seem intimidating, or arouse fear within us that you may get hurt. But when we put ourselves at the front of the pack we say, ‘fear won’t stop me from being seen – I’m worth that.

Making eye contact is to look another human being dead in the eyes and say, ‘I refuse to hide. You’re worth my vulnerability, and I am worth yours, so let’s face it honestly even if it scares us and you might see right through me.’

Walking 25 percent faster means understanding the urgency of living each moment with purpose. To move through the world with intention, with chest out and head held high, even if we’re just trying to hurry to the restroom without arousing suspicion.

Speaking up is to hold in our hearts and minds that what we have to say and how we feel are of vital importance to living our life grounded in honesty and growth, even if it means it has to hurt first.

Smiling big is to face the onslaught of life’s tests, cheap shots, and embarrassing moments with an attitude of recognition that these things are a normal part of our journey. Allowing ourselves to smile when we get knocked down sets a precedent for overcoming and becoming more than we once were thanks to hardship. And in that recognition, smiling comes naturally.

When we practice these 5 philosophies of confidence daily, with whole-hearted intent, we discover that the world has been ready to accept us for who and what we are all along. We just needed to accept ourselves first.

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