Relationships are Like Bank Accounts

In the information age, abundance is the standard.

We seek the next exciting experience with the lowest cost of entry – because connections have become cheap – so cheap that spending more than investing is nearly unavoidable.

Sadly, this standard creates a system of diminishing returns on the human spirit. Withdrawals become easier to justify, and deposits seem like too much effort.

But, is the effort not the source of wealth in all things valued in the human experience?

When something is cheap, it has no value therefore deposits become small, and withdrawals become frequent. We quickly become depleted, tired, and emotionally disconnected. Then, a small deposit is made so the cycle can begin again.

But if something is expensive, and we recognize the value, we are willing to work harder to make larger deposits. In doing so, we may make a much larger withdrawal of a significant value, which has a much better chance of persisting over time because it was earned with effort.

This is the building of social and emotional wealth.

What is cheap, will always be more accessible, but it will also be more disposable.

But what is expensive, will be rare, and worth keeping.

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