A Candle in the Darkness is Only Half the Story

A candle in the darkness is often contextualized as salvation from cold and darkness. And in some cases that can be true. But life is rarely that simple.

You could drop that candle and set the world ablaze, too. And if you don’t drop it, you’re likely to start exploring the environment and there’s no rule that says you’ll necessarily be safe with what you find in the shadows.

These ideas of light and warmth banishing cold and darkness in the dungeons of our inner sanctum is a fool’s promise – it only tells half the story.

You have to live with whatever happens after that flame is lit, and maybe that sanctum isn’t such a beacon of salvation as it once appeared under inferior lighting.

You may be warmer, and you may be able to see, but now you’re exposed and worse yet you’re holding something that can also destroy you and everything it touches.

The battle doesn’t end when the flame is lit, no matter how long the spark took to manifest itself or how long it has before it burns out.

All you’ve done is starve the Angel of Death of his meal a little longer.

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