Orange Juice in the Forest

Life is random. So much so it’s like finding a glass of orange juice (or orange drink if you asked Mr. Chappelle) in the middle of a path in the forest – and is just as distracting as it is random.

This glass could serve to represent any situation.

You don’t expect it, you don’t know how it came to be what/where it is, and you don’t know what will become of it.

When we feel out of control, lost, confused, or faced with challenges that life presented to us that lie beyond our control, many of us tend to double down on what we think we can control: our work, our habits (good or bad equally qualify), and our relationships.

We attempt to put more time in these areas because they are meant as distractions from our internal workings – and they can either have benefit, or the illusion of benefit – so long as they are not so far outside of our grasp as to alienate us further from ourselves.

But the truth is, even such things which we have convinced ourselves to be capable of controlling, will always remain in flux – because we forget the costs we are paying to maintain such systems, often to the detriment of true progress and connection to the self and those around us.

Do not get hung up on the glass of juice. It is best left as a mystery and just another observation made along the road to certain uncertainty.

Embrace it, and love it for what it is – a curiosity. One which can amuse, but should never distract from the path to the future we want most, to whatever degree we can manage it.

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