Stages Aren’t Built For Audiences

For centuries, stages have been the gathering places for groups of individuals of similar tastes and ideologies to gather.

The experiences of art, education, politics, religion, protest and execution scarcely fail to attract the attention of those who seek them out. Nor do they fail to create a reinforcing presence between individuals who gather around them.

Stages are powerful settings of influence that have been used for great good, but also great evil, with stunning effect.

75 BCE, Pompeii. The oldest secured surviving stage. A place of art, war, and propaganda of the early Roman empire.

It was designed so that a great number of like-minded spectators could attend, with respect to the event being held.

Its conception proved so effective that it endures today.

From performing arts to arenas to podiums to classrooms – stages all.

Although they are designed to be filled with spectators, they are more effective for presenters.

The reason for this may seem obvious for they are at the center of focus, however, there is an aspect to their design that is commonly overlooked.

They place one or many physically above the majority and above the ground on which they would normally stand.

They do not do this for the audience. They do so because they are designed to elevate presenters beyond themselves so that the message they carry transcends them.

The importance of the message is above that of the messenger. A person who is elevated breaks the shackles of mortality in order to give voice to an immortal idea – for better or worse.

The 20th century saw the birth of electronic media, making the stage one of the infinite power of reach to those who recognize it.

The power which gave rise to the evils of nazi ideologies, and the necessity of black equality on a scale that has since transcended their respective origins of Hitler’s rhetoric and Dr. King’s dream.

Of all examples of the power of the stage, these represent best the modern potential of evil and good which they are capable of creating.

If you find yourself with a stage, take great care in the power you process, for the potential of immortality is what you truly stand atop.

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