Making Millions With a Roll of Tape – Making Money in 2022 (Updated)

Midway through the twentieth century, an invention came to market that would revolutionize homes, offices, and manufacturing floors. It was a highly versatile, lightweight product with a staggering range of practical applications, yet its function was simple – temporarily sticking one thing to another.

Richard Drew had invented the first commercially produced rolls of tape, sold by 3M and Johnson & Johnson.

As trivial as this product is today, it changed the transport of goods, the office, and the day-to-day problem solving of the common household.

Aside from the obvious ease and utility of tape which made it highly profitable for the seller, is there a way you can use tape to make millions today as a consumer?

As with most things, the answer lies in your creativity. How you use something matters much more than what it, actually is.

If you need tape to ship a product you sold, then you’re profiting from using it.

If you use tape to affix your future goals to a mirror so you can remind yourself daily of what matters, then you’re profiting from using it.

If you use tape to wrap a gift for a loved one, then you’re profiting from using it.

Items themselves can be either mundane, miraculous or sometimes both.

But what they are is of little importance compared to how you learn to use them creatively.

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