Adding Value to People and Businesses – More Than Your Word (Updated 2022)

As we enter a new world, what will become valuable will be largely based on a new collective mindset of an upcoming generation.

On-trend, it is likely that coming decades will be focused on climate change, sustainable agriculture, green energy, and restructuring healthcare. These focuses are likely because they will matter greatly to nearly all of us, which makes them value-based focuses.

Let’s look at the expression of these values on an economic timeline. Say you place a bet that the world is heading in that direction, even tho you know that some lagers will bring down the average to a level that may slow it down. But probably not stop it. Over time, money and relationships change, until a tipping point is reached where a sufficient number of individuals adopt something for it to be made a new normal.

How can you make a bet turn in your favour by predicting the timelines of normal?

You look at what matters and put your money where your mouth is. If you say you believe in something, then making it a part of your personal economy is essential to getting the benefits of what matters.

Investments in currency and relationships over time will result in your real values, not the words you tell everyone.

If you say something is of value to you, declaration changes nothing. It’s simply a meaningless vibration of sound.

Live by your word and do something to support what you value. Don’t just be talk.

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