Amazon Prime Super – VIP in the Information Age (Updated 2022)

A way to gain customers in any business is to make them feel special.

To make them VIPs.

VIPs pay more for better service, extra features, and special perks unique to the provider. Making it well worth it for consumers.

The need to feel superior is ingrained in us. It may not always present itself consciously, but it’s always there – just under the surface.

Services like Amazon that offer VIP for a small fee are becoming a standard model in the information age. Meaning VIP is more accessible than ever before.

But getting VIP easily comes at the cost of long-term diminishing return.

As more people join a more accessible VIP experience, it eventually reaches a point of the commonplace. A critical mass of average.

Something that was special, isn’t anymore. We’ve reached a point where we need to create a new VIP experience to bring exclusivity back to the brand.

The question of exclusive isn’t one of how to repeat the process, but one of how long the new model will last before we need to.

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