96 Hour Reset – Fasting For Longgevity

If you want the best results in any aspect of life, you’re going to need to suffer.

The suffering itself will have different situational triggers, and then symptoms unique to each of us, but the core of what suffering is remains the same.

Some suffering can be both chosen, and beneficial to our well-being in the long term.

On new years day, I started a 96hr gut recovery fasting protocol.

I have been plagued with gut issues my entire life, but in the last 2 years, I have logged hundreds of hours of health studies.

Today I’m more fit than I was 10 years ago – at age 20.

But it didn’t come without pain and suffering. Nothing worth having ever does.

For more on fasting, I recommend reading David Asprey or listening to one of his interviews. He was once 300 pounds and is now one of the world’s leading health experts on metabolic health.

So how do you fast for 96hrs?

It starts with education, followed by small steps.

First, it took education, in order to ensure safety. Then it took small steps like getting used to fasting for 16hrs/day while allowing 8hrs of time to eat. I’ve set that daily goal for the past 7 months and reaped the rewards – by pushing past the initial sufferings of learning and building a foundation.

The same two first steps apply universally to almost any growth process – provided you take time to reflect.

Suffering +Mindset + Reflection = Positive Change

96hrs of fasting is no different than 16hrs once you accept that you will suffer now, to be better later.

I have 31.5hrs to go as of now. And only now have I started to feel good. But because I was educated and got used to feeling what fasting is like, the suffering became my goal – because that’s when I knew I would be making a positive change.

What are you willing to suffer?

How you answer, is your character.

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