Moving Forward From Loss and Pain (Updated 2022)

Values are linked to everything. Who we are, what we believe about the world, how politics operate, what we buy, what we sell, and who we pick to be our friends.

2020 has been the year of tested values.

Although the events have been the same for most of us, our values made those events affect each of us differently.

Moving forward into 2021, you should ask yourself three deeply reflective questions:

1 – What losses have I had this year, and which ones should I mourn?

2 – What have I learned this year, and how can I be better at it?

3 – What are my new values, and how will they serve me, and others?

New years resolutions are a nice idea, but they fail most of the time. Not because the ideas are bad, but because of a lack of deep reflection.

This year, start with what you value – not with wishes and bullet-points.

Happy new year to all my wonderful readers, and thank you for being people who value ideas.

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