The Ethical Economy – Is It All Ego?

Our idea started in the industrial revolution.

Our economy – is shaped by ideas of energy, sustainability, and ethics, in a time of limited science, research, and sharing of information.

We ignited coal and oil, marvelling at the ability to produce endlessly.

What was not known at the time was what this discovery would unleash – climate change and economic growth through carbon-based trade.

For climate activists, it’s important to remember the revolution was not to destroy the world through negligence. It was to use fuel to create sustainable living.

We now know the cost of progress through limited information, while also being aware of massive progress through limited information.

Could these contrasts explain our crisis? No. There are too many unknowns, and the tracking timelines are far too narrow when we account for the cosmic timescale.

The economy is the reality we’ve built together.

Ethics is a combined average of how we wish it to behave.

And that behaviour begins with an idea that enough people believe in something to give it resources to grow.

Climate change is economically driven. Everything we see can be traced back to individuals fearing losing the value of ideas – the ideas of material wealth and the loss of supply to parts of the system.

Change has always been gradual. It could be equally biological as economic.

We solve this problem, first, with new ideas.

Try this thought experiment.

Read this post again – replacing every the world economy, with the word ego.

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