30 Seconds To Change How To Think (Updated 2022)

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Photo by the author — Seattle, Washington

I went to the post office 2 days ago to pick up a new desk, still in its boxed cocoon.

After realizing my license was expired (I don’t currently drive so you can keep breathing normally), the teller allowed me to take my box.

The box looked small, and without even giving it a second thought, I grabbed it, easily held it with one arm at my left hip as if nothing but a paperweight.

My conversation came to a close and with my free hand, I retrieved my receipt, thanked the teller for good service, and for letting me know my license needed to be renewed, and left.

Spoiler: Reality is never a true story.

I placed the package down on the curb to text my ride when suddenly I saw the warning stickers on the box, telling me the total weight was over 50lbs.

I paused: “It can’t be that heavy. I had it in one hand and I’m 5’6”, 140lbs, tops.”
I reached down to lift it again, and this time, knowing the weight, it got heavier.

The thought struck me like a lightning bolt: “Reality is nothing but a series of beliefs I’ve decided are true.”

I believed the package was weightless, and it was.

I then believed the package weight more than 1/3 my weight. And it did.

Be careful what story you tell yourself — don’t have a sticker mentality.

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