Changing The World Through Setting A Good Example (Updated 2022)

In this thought experiment, let’s look at a simple example to see how this can be done.

We first define a theme.

Given how prevalent the issue of littering is, we’ll pick that up as a theme.

Then select a time — December 31st, 1PM

Under normal conditions, people would be busy, stocking up on new years eve supplies on December 31st, making it likely to have maximum possible engagement around 1pm, when last-minute shopping would likely peak.

Now we define the action.

Everyone who supports the idea would vow to pick up 1 piece of trash they didn’t create (along with what they do normally) and put it in a recycling bin.

Now we set a target number and do the math.

Let’s set a goal of 1,000,000 people globally, choosing to participate— less than 0.00013% of the population.

At 1PM sharp, these people all take action and pick up the nearest wrapper, coffee cup, or bottle and bring it to the recycling bin nearby.

That’s 1,000,000 more individual pieces of trash removed from the environment and recycled back into sustainable raw materials – All in a seconds-long snip, of 1 single day.

1,000,000 plastic bottles for example, that would be made into more recycling bins, children’s toys, or lifesaving medical gear.

Changing the world is difficult because nobody sees that what they do can change anything.

They don’t realize that goodwill and simple actions are easily transmitted from person to person. The problem is reaching critical mass, where enough people do something to tip the scale to where enough has witnessed another person doing it, felt inspired, and kept the chain going.

That’s how change spreads.

With an idea, enough people believe in it, making the act simple, scalable, inimitable, and rewarding.

If enough people believe in something, widespread action is what makes a massive impact.

It’s a matter of critical mass.

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