The Future of Business Space

Can mall owners recoup their investments in a future dominated by online shopping?

Let’s fast forward a few years and pretend the worst of COVID has ended, and we’re beginning to go back to some degree of normal.

Now let’s set the scene.

What is a mall?

It’s dozens of self contained shops, services, and food service in a central location. You also have multiple washrooms in different locations and plenty of parking.

Think of what that means. Every amenity you need for nearly anything is already in place.

What if those empty spaces could be filled with modular trade colleges?

The gaming store could be a college program on game design and testing.

The empty food court could be occupied by culinary programs.

The large retail space left behind by a large chain store could be converted into an indoor athletics academy.

If the shifts in business trends over the past several decades has taught us anything it’s that the winners create new ways to succeed when old ways fail.

By finding a way to use what they have to serve in a new way.

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