Solving a problem, the hard-easy way.

This simple day-to-day life story is not interesting, revolutionary, nor incredible.

But if you have 1 minute, it might teach you a universal life principle.

“Don’t spend time chasing a right answer or a right path, but instead spend time defining how you are going to approach whatever path you choose.”- Laura R. Walker

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I bought this lamp a few weeks ago.

Then I bought the candle; but forgot to check the size I was buying.

I ended up with something too big and for the last several nights have used the candle on it’s own without the lamp.

7 nights have gone by before being hit with a life-changing epiphany.

The wax from the candle can easily be cut to size with a butter knife without damaging the wick.

Tonight I’m finally using the lamp, and I have wax to make new candles of the correct sizes.

The lesson here is simple.

Don’t over think a problem. Step back and see it for what it is.

A good idea and the right tool will fix nearly anything.

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