The Future of Food Service

“Where did this come from?” – Consumer

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I make these platters for myself at home fairly regularly. I was a cook for 15 years of my life.

That time has given me a deep understanding of the single most important challenge that is facing every restaurant during, and likely after, COVID.

The world we’re entering will be one more concerned with sustainable products and a focus on health than ever before.

And most restaurants won’t survive the transition.

It’s not because of poor management.

It’s not because of poor service.

It’s not because of how food is presented to a client when they buy it.

Those are important factors, but they alone will not enable you to survive.

The true measure of your success as a restaurateur will be how you answer the question – “Where did this come from?”.

The answer itself isn’t the most important part of how you address that question.

The most important part will be how you feel inside when you do.

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